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I'm Nikolas Martens, freelancing Software Engineer, and this is my blog. I hope it contains something interesting for you. Enjoy the read!

Codemotion 2013 Madrid

Sat 26 October 2013 in talks

On the last weekend I had the opportunity to present my talk about Specification by Example (aka Behaviour-Driven Development) at the Codemotion conference in Madrid.

You can find the commented slides here and thanks for the awesome feeback!

Unfortunately I could only stay one night because of other commitments so …

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Small steps at bephpug

Mon 07 October 2013 in talks

At the Berlin PHP user group last week I had two "firsts". It was my first time live-coding and I thought while I'm at it I could also do a "live" presentation on my hybrid tablet/netbook. Both went surprisingly well. And thanks guys for all your feedback.

The talk …

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Froscon 2013

Thu 29 August 2013 in talks

Last weekend I had the pleasure of talking about Specification by Example at the Free and Open Source Software Conference near Bonn. You can find the commented slides about Specification by Example here. If you watched the talk, I would appreciate your feedback here.

I used the opportunity to finally …

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TDD Case Study

Sat 06 July 2013 in programming

I'm a big fan of Test-Driven Development and have been using it in almost all projects for a while now with astonishing results. If you are not convinced by TDD, drop me a line and I will do my best to change that. Although at first seemingly counter-intuitive, TDD quickly …

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Codemotion 2013

Sun 12 May 2013 in talks

Last Friday I had the pleasure of talking about Template Animation and my implementation of it at codemotion Berlin. You can find the slides here. Being my first talk at a conference it was quite an adventure and big fun.

Although some talks inevitably turned out to be of the …

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