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Building web applications with watoki

Thu 05 March 2015 in programming

I've been working for about a year now on a project named web application tool kit (short watoki) and thought if I ever want anybody besides me to use it, I better write about how.

watoki a collection of libraries that provide infrastructure commonly needed ...

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Tool Tyranny

Wed 15 October 2014 in programming

So Richard McIntyre (aka mackstar) created a BDD tool named ShouldIT (video) which led to a discussion between him and Konstantin Kudryashov (aka everzet), mostly comparing ShouldIT to Cucumber/Behat. For example in this gist.

Guess I'm jumping kinda late on the bandwagon here but I wanted to add ...

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Specification by Example

Thu 11 September 2014 in programming

In a previous post I argued against a testing monoculture and suggested to mix tests with different levels of integration. Since UI tests cannot test the system completey, but unit tests are often times too fine-grained to justify their investment, staying away from these extremes is often times the best ...

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FrOSCon 2014

Sun 24 August 2014 in talks

I was invited at this years FrOSCon to speak about executable documentation which is sort of follow-up to last year where I spoke about Specficiation by Example (aka Behavior-Driven Development) and how to use automated tests to create a self-validating documentation of a software application. This year I approached the ...

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Polyamorous TDD

Sat 26 April 2014 in programming

Three things happened during the last week that each increased my urge to write this article. The coincidence is almost uncanny.

  • Monday: over the easter weekend I finally built a tool I've been meaning to build for over a year.
  • Tuesday: I became responsible for releasing and quality of ...
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