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Reaching your Goals with Cybernetics

Tue 10 November 2020 in articles

I've recently been thinking about a lot about how to set, track and reach goals. Privately, as well as professionally. And I wanted to share a couple of thoughts, which just happened to come out in dialogue form. So here we go.

What's your goal?

I want to go running …

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A Time System for the Space Age

Thu 03 May 2018 in articles

I used last Christmas break to watch "The Expanse" which quickly became my favorite SciFi series with its incredibly realistic and inspirational vision of a humanity that has colonized the solar system. And it was one sentence in this show that struck an unexpected chord with me. It was a …

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Flaccid Democracy

Sun 18 December 2016 in articles

I must confess I was never much interested in politics, and therefore very grateful when I found the Wahl-o-mat which freed me from having to read the party platforms myself. I always viewed non-politic civic participation as the more effective, certainly more efficient way for changing society and have been …

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The Problem with Money

Wed 10 February 2016 in articles

For a long time I've been having the faint feeling, that something is fundamentally wrong with money. With the way it's created, the way it's used, the way it drives our actions. I could never quite put my finger on it but the feeling was always there when I thought …

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Blogging with pelican and git

Wed 10 April 2013 in articles

If it wasn't for pelican, this blog would probably not exist. So here is a brief description on the why and what and how.

Step 1: engine

The spark that got this blog going was my colleague showing me pelican yesterday which is a static blog generator written in python …

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