Codemotion 2013 Madrid

Sat 26 October 2013 in talks

On the last weekend I had the opportunity to present my talk about Specification by Example (aka Behaviour-Driven Development) at the Codemotion conference in Madrid.

You can find the commented slides here and thanks for the awesome feeback!

Unfortunately I could only stay one night because of other commitments so I took the 6:40am flight on Friday and arrived home 29 hours later. A very intense trip. But one very much worth while.

I don't know the official numbers but I was told that there were around 1200 attendees which resulted in me not being able to attend a session I was interested in because of a crowded room. And when I say crowded I mean Tokyo subway-style crowded. In the end, my short stay, the need to prepare my own talk, crowded rooms and last but not least the warm spanish sun all led to me only seeing one session of the whole conference.

Instead I spent a lot of time in the grass and meeting fellow speakers including David Buchmann from Switzerland and Ole Michaelis from Hamburg who had visited the Berlin PHP usergroup a couple of weeks earlier. Ole was kind enough to help me with my proposals since I'm having a hard time getting accepted at conferences.

At my own session on Saturday afternoon was every seat taken as well and therefore I was probably facing my biggest audience yet with around 150 people which might be a reason why I enjoyed this talk a bit more than usually. But also everybody was increadibly attentive and responsive so I can definitely say that I had an excellent time at the Codemotion 2013 in Madrid.

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