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I'm Nikolas Martens, freelancing Software Engineer, and this is my blog. I hope it contains something interesting for you. Enjoy the read!

Blogging with pelican and git

Wed 10 April 2013 in misc

If it wasn't for pelican, this blog would probably not exist. So here is a brief description on the why and what and how.

Step 1: engine

The spark that got this blog going was my colleague showing me pelican yesterday which is a static blog generator written in ...

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It's a start

Tue 09 April 2013 in misc

I realized that I regularly write logs for myself for keepsake. But they mostly turn out too short and cryptic to understand - given that I actually find them again. So I guess this blog is mostly for myself, but who knows - maybe someone else might find this stuff interesting.

My ...

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Tue 23 October 2012 in travel

I wrote (in German) about my time studying in Valencia. Thought I'd link it here.


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