Codemotion 2013

Sun 12 May 2013 in talks

Last Friday I had the pleasure of talking about Template Animation and my implementation of it at codemotion Berlin. You can find the slides here. Being my first talk at a conference it was quite an adventure and big fun.

Although some talks inevitably turned out to be of the tutorial-read-out-loud kind, most presentations were very enjoyable and informative, most notably the ones of Vicent Martí, Garrett Smith and Mike Benkovich.

Vincent proved his mom wrong by presenting how github mastered the unique challenges of scaling a code hosting platform. Unfortunately, the room didn't scale that well but I found my seat in a turned-over litter bin.

In the Saturday morning session, Garrett showed in a fresh and to-the-point presentation how software can be developed using his highly adaptive anti-method "drunken stumble" - you don't need be agile, turtles are successful too.

And with the speed and precision of a magician, Mike pulled four interconnected applications for four different platforms out of his azure hat in an impressive live-coding session.

And it couldn't have been topped-off better than by the github Drinkup yesterday night at the Golgatha Biergarten where I met some very cool people and my new favorite beer. My thanks go out to github for the awesome evening and for making all of our coding lives less a pain in the ass.

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