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Polyamorous TDD

Sat 26 April 2014 in programming

Three things happened during the last week that each increased my urge to write this article. The coincidence is almost uncanny.

  • Monday: over the easter weekend I finally built a tool I've been meaning to build for over a year.
  • Tuesday: I became responsible for releasing and quality of my …
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The Assembler Excursion

Sat 08 March 2014 in programming

Last week we went oldschool at our monthly Coding Dojo and programmed in Assembler for the 6502 microprocessor thanks to an awesome tutorial by Nick Morgan that made me wanna try it out myself. Turned out it's a lot harder than we thought and we achieved little more during the …

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TDD Case Study

Sat 06 July 2013 in programming

I'm a big fan of Test-Driven Development and have been using it in almost all projects for a while now with astonishing results. If you are not convinced by TDD, drop me a line and I will do my best to change that. Although at first seemingly counter-intuitive, TDD quickly …

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DI - push or pull

Mon 22 April 2013 in programming

Dependency Injection is a must-have for testable code - and please write me if you are no convinced of testability. I even wrote my own simple Dependency Injection Container recently out of pure joy on experimenting. But there is one tiny thing that I can't make up my mind about when …

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Developer skills

Sat 13 April 2013 in programming

While I'm not a fan of certifications and the sort, it's definitely helpful for a novice developer to have a scale to measure himself against. Something that answers the question "what do I need to learn?"

The guys from clean-code-developer.de do a decent job of defining stages and methods …

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